Exhibit / Projects 2008-2017


Nationality:  British

Training: I have no formal training, but I was guided by theatre photographer/director Brian Astbury in London.

I worked as a theatre photographer in London. This was an ideal training ground for working with black and white and in the darkroom. In this period I also did alot of work as a portrait photographer.


1997-2000   I began to work on social projects in the community for the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Two major projects were  ‘Youth in the city’ and ‘Life long learning’. I also began teaching children photography.


2000-2004 I moved to São Paulo to teach young people photography in the favelas for the ONG ‘Meninos do Morumbi. I was the photographer for Meninos do Morumbi and involved in promoting the band internationally. During this time I photographed extensively in the favelas, and these photographs  were included in my first exhibit in Lisbon at ‘Braço de Prata’ in 2007.


2004-2007  I returned to London where I did an intense course in journalism and subsequently  worked as a free lance writer and photographer for various travel magazines. I photographed for UNICEF documenting their community projects in  São Tomé e Principe. During this period I also documented projects for NGO’s in Ethiopia, and South Africa.


2007- 2016
Since moving to Lisbon I have focused on projects collaborating with communities and exhibiting in outdoor spaces which are linked to the people I am photographing or to the local history. To do this has meant learning to print onto different surfaces including wood and stone. I am interested in people, communities and their history.  How can we keep a communities history alive? How can we hold onto their memories in rapidly changing environments? I want to bring the past into the present in a way that is visual, creative and accessible to all; especially in historic neighbourhoods and in areas in a process of change. My intention is to find the best materials to challenge the weather and the sun. Most recently this has been limestone. To print on these surfaces I work from my darkroom in Mouraria, Lisbon.

Five of the outdoor exhibits are permanent. They are either printed on wood, stone or directly  onto the walls themselves.

Memory – part of Estau urban art festival, Estarreja, 2017

The sunny corner –  Rua dos Lagares, Mouraria, Lisboa 2017

Alma de Alfama

Alma de Alfama 2nd edition. Alfama, Lisbon 2017

Amadora: Ano do Cidadão ( CML Amadora: Year of the Citizen ) 

Retratos do Fado – um Tributo á Mouraria  CML Lisboa  2013

Retratos do Prazeres ( Images de Prazeres) – Galeria das Prazeres, Madeira 2013

Metro 54 –  Amsterdam 2012

Festival Todos – Nucleo Fotografico, 2009/10/11/12

Mistérios de Monserrate ( Les mystères de Monserrate ) – Palácio Monserrate, Sintra 2012

Inside Out/Dentro Fora – Mouraria 2010  CML Lisboa

Gente de Almada ( Les habitants d’Almada ) – Museu da Cidade, Almada 2009

Tributo  – Mouraria 2009

Belos Horizontes – Fabrica Braço de Prata 2008