Retratos de Fado – A Tribute to Mouraria, 2013 is an outdoor exhibit in Mouraria, of fado singers  and musicians.  Together with key figures in the community, families and musicians we built  up an exhibit of 26 images. Each photograph was mounted in the street, alley or square which had a connection with the photograph; for example the person may  have been born their, sang there, or began their careers there. The idea came to me because Mouraria is the place where the song fado was born, and yet there is very little indication of this. The path of the exhibit is over a km long and passes through the small streets, alleys and squares of Mouraria. It begins in the Rua de Capelão in Martim Moniz. Images are printed onto the walls or onto wood. Some of the images are of singers and musicans who have died but who were important figures in the history of fado. These we found in the albums of local famililes. This was a special project for me because it embraced community, history and music. The exhibit belongs to the community and they look after it with pride.

Retratos do Fado